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Sheetrock Recycling


  • Landfill Operators

  • Engineers

  • City Planners

  • City Officials

  • Anyone involved in creating specifications or actually engaged in landfill project work


We Can Help You Convert Your Waste Into a Valued Resource

Timber Creek Recycling has a different method to conventional drywall recycling. Instead of shipping drywall to a processing facility to only be used as a fertilizer, we grind the drywall with construction wood for the purpose of cattle bedding.


With the added gypsum, cattlemen now have an added value for their compost; therefore, increasing the value while reducing soil salinity that is naturally added by cow manures. The gypsum also aids in reducing odor.

Other Valuable Uses:

  • Great source of valuable plant nutrients

  • Improve soil properties

  • Reduce toxins in agricultural runoff

  • Soil remediation and stabilization

  • Compost additive

  • Safe lawn and garden amendment

  • Water purification

  • Bulk waste solidifiers & stabilizers

  • Fire retardant, filler and diluent

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Why Should Gypsum Board/Drywall Waste Be Recycled?

  • In most cases, it’s almost as cheap to recycle as wood!

  • Sheetrock / gypsum materials dumped into the landfill convert into toxic hydrogen sulphide gas, releasing up to a quarter of its weight in hydrogen sulphide. The paper in the plasterboard will convert into methane gas.

  • As landfill availability decreases and tipping fees increase, solid waste generators are becoming more interested in finding alternative ways to manage drywall waste.

  • Recycling gypsum waste also reduces the need for the quarrying and production of virgin gypsum.

Recycling Gypsum Is the Solution!

This is one of our most cost efficient programs.

We were the first to recycle sheetrock at a landfill on a large scale in the Treasure Valley.

We have the experience! Timber Creek Recycling has been farming in the Treasure Valley for over 108 years. We understand the benefits of utilizing recycled gypsum as we use this product on our farm.

We are approved by the DEQ and were named the 2015 DEQ Pollution Prevention Champion.

We have the equipment, experience and knowledge to handle a product like sheetrock.

Please come out and take a tour of our 40 acre facility.

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