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Livestock Bedding in Idaho

Livestock Bedding

Using Premium Timber Creek Livestock Bedding Saves Money, Time and Labor!

Timber Creek Recycling has generations of experience in the dairy and farming industries. We know that successful dairy operations must balance a number of considerations for livestock bedding, including:

     Uniform support and comfort, Stay drier  which helps to reduce pathogen growth and Facilitate good footing, to prevent injury.

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Dairy Bedding

Livestock Bedding in Idaho

There are two essential factors behind good bedding choices: cow comfort and farmer peace of mind, knowing your livestock is comfortable and dry. So, bedding must be non-abrasive and promote a dry, porous footing area for the stock to bed. TCR’s regular livestock bedding is a ground or screened, walk-on wood product that promotes cost savings for bedding livestock at your ranch. Timber Creek Recycling’s livestock bedding meets all these requirements, and more! Our Regular Bedding has proven to be very comfortable to cows, ensuring superior animal health. After walking on the mulch, the fine material will raise up, creating a softer surface. Our mulch is more durable and lasts far longer, even after three rain events. And haul-in and haul-out expenses are significantly less, offering tremendous time, labor and money savings, bedding your animals and cleaning out the pens.

Premium Dairy Bedding

Premium Dairy Bedding.PNG

In addition to the advantages found with our Regular Livestock Bedding, Timber Creek Recycling’s Premium Livestock Bedding contains added bacteria-inhibiting agents which assist in reducing the ability of bacteria to grow where the lactating heard is bedding down. Timber Creek Premium bedding is an added layer of protection against

unwanted/untimely issues like mastitis.

Medium Shred

Medium Shred.PNG

Medium Shred is made from tree trimmings from home owners and tree service companies. It primarily consists of trees and other hard woods. These woods are processed through our horizontal grinder, and then are sent through a screen where they are reduced to 1 ½” in size. Medium Shred is an excellent product for placing on hillsides or in high wind locations, and around plants where it can help retain moisture, control weeds and help prevent erosion.

Arbor Mulch

Arbor Mulch.PNG

Arbor Mulch is our homemade recycled mulch product, made from tree trimmings brought to us by local tree services. This mulch typically consists of pine, fir, poplar, ash, juniper and acacia trees. These materials are fed through our horizontal grinder to create usable mulch pieces. Top dress with 2-3 inches of Arbor Mulch for an inexpensive solution for moisture retention, weed control and erosion. Its particularly effective in hill side applications with high winds. Our Arbor Mulch has a natural forest floor appearance and the fines present in the material make it a comfortable, compacted walking surface.

Walk-On Mulch

Walk-On Mulch.PNG

Standard than standard walk-on barks, this material has the lush appearance and cushioned feel of the forest floor. Consisting of various particle sizes, this fibrous, woody bark mixture interlocks after installation and is often used as ground cover in high wind locations.

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