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Where your work nurtures the Earth.

At Timber Creek Recycling we believe in creating sustainability within communities through recycling. 


We understand that achieving this requires the right kind of people. If you're looking for a place to grow your career, explore our current job openings.

For a list of current openings, click here.

Our Core Values

We Focus on Growing Together

At Timber Creek Recycling, we live by our core values every day. We embody Positivity by the Truck Load, understanding that our attitude is a choice we make each day. We leave negativity behind, ensuring we approach our work with a positive mindset that influences others for the better and allows us to have fun at work. We uphold the principle of Do Unto Others, treating everyone with the respect, compassion, and kindness we would like to receive, always striving to make our mothers proud. Our commitment to Go the Extra Yard drives us to exceed expectations, finding those little things that elevate our work from good to great for both our teammates and clients. We believe in being Someone Others Can Count On by taking ownership of our commitments and actions, leading by example, rejecting drama, and embracing responsibility. Finally, we understand that Safety Starts with Me; safety is a fundamental aspect of everything we do, and we empower everyone in our company to elevate safety standards and ensure every action and decision is made with safety in mind.

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