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Organic Compost in Idaho


Organic Compost in Idaho

We can help you convert your waste into a valued resource!


We have the experience. Timber Creek Recycling’s owners have been farming in the Treasure Valley for over 118 years. We both make and use compost on our farm. We can show you how to be a partner in the area’s water conservation.


Local farmers and gardeners are looking for compost with lower salt content. We are the 2015 DEQ Pollution Prevention Champion. We have the equipment and knowledge. We are US Compost Council Certified Professionals.

Garden Compost


Our Garden compost is primarily composted dairy manure that has gone through the USCC composting process, 1/2 inch screened, and aged to promote a lower stable with
PH level. Our Garden compost is an excellent source as an organic soil amendment in vegetable gardens, lawns, and landscapes.

Timber Creek Signature Blend


Timber Creek Signature Blend is OMRI certified. It is a unique soil conditioner and nutrient providing fertilizer all in one, increasing organic matter in any soil to ensure the best garden soil mix.

Timber Creek Gold Compost


Timber Creek Gold is a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Aiding to break up clay soils and provide moisture retention in sandy soil. Its an excellent source for amendment for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and flowers. Our Timber Creek Gold is made from recycled green materials, food waste, aged dairy manure and wood mulch humus.

ACHD Compost

ACHD Compost.PNG

Our ACHD bioswale compost is certified and meets all ACHD specifications. It is primarily
green materials that have been composted and are weed free, herbicide free pesticide free,
and absent of garbage.

Fairway Blend


Our custom blended compost is screened down to ⅜”, minus eliminating 90% of foreign debris. Golf Courses love this mix for top  dressing, divot mix and repairs because it allows them to rely on organic matter ideal for fairways and landscape.

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