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Wood Recycling

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Mulches are generally produced from recycled wood waste such as pallets and old lumber. This product has a medium texture and can provide beautiful ground cover.


Mulch is placed on the topsoil in gardens, flower beds, backyards, parks and recreational areas. It refreshes, revives and finishes the look of an outdoor space but there are numerous other benefits to using mulch.

Other Valuable Uses:

  • Helps control soil erosion

  • Helps reduce water evaporation from the topsoil by 25-50%

  • Helps control soil erosions from heavy rains or irrigation

  • Helps reduce weed growth, which could further reduce the moisture in the soil.

  • Helps maintain the moisture in soil, cutting irrigation needs and costs

  • Helps protect the plant’s roots from the sun, allowing for better growth

  • Helps prevent soil compaction

  • Helps prevent extreme temperatures in soil

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  • Wood recycling is a leader in the recycling industry with many outlets for this recycled material.

  • Recycling increases landfill space.

  • Carbon is vital for farmers soil health and water retention.

  • It is one of the most economic recycling programs available to the landfill.

  • Compost additive.

  • Safe lawn and garden amendment.

  • Essential for water conservation through mulch’s water holding capacity.

  • Reduces unnecessary rock mining for landscaping.


We Can Help You Convert Your Waste Into a Valued Resource.

  • This is one of our most cost efficient programs.

  • We have been recycling wood in the Treasure Valley for over 40 years.

  • We are the trusted expert in the state of Idaho.

  • We were the 2015 DEQ Pollution Prevention Champion.

  • Being in the livestock industry for 108 years in the Treasure Valley has enabled us to understand quality control.

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