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Tips for Using Compost To Kick-Start a Greener New Year

As we kick off a fresh year, there's no better time to embrace a greener lifestyle. If you're looking to make a positive impact on the environment, consider incorporating compost into your gardening routine. This serves as a sustainable solution that nourishes the soil and plants and reduces the need for chemical-based fertilizers.


Composting is not only beneficial for the environment but also for your garden's overall health. Let’s dive deeper into some eco-friendly tips to help you kick-start a more sustainable New Year.


Home Composting Basics

Composting at home is simple and rewarding. To get started, gather browns (such as dead leaves, branches, coffee grounds, and twigs), greens (like vegetable or fruit scraps), and water. Layer these organic materials in varying-sized particles to create a balanced compost pile. You can add compost-friendly items as well, like eggshells, teabags, paper, cardboard, or yard trimmings, for additional nutrition sources.


It’s also important to regularly turn the compost pile. This helps maintain the moisture, which accelerates the decomposition process.

Using Compost as Mulch

Mulch serves as a layer of protection for the soil, retaining moisture and suppressing weed growth by serving as a natural barrier. Consider using compost as a natural mulch option for your garden beds and foundation plants.


Applying a layer of up to 3 inches of compost mulch to your soil enriches it with nutrients, shields plant roots from temperature fluctuations, and helps combat diseases. The use of this natural material also lessens the need for chemical-laden alternatives.


Products That Enhance the Composting Process

If your compost seems to be taking longer to decompose, you might consider using accelerants. They help kick-start the decomposition cycle and efficiently break down tough plant stubble. There are sustainable and environmentally friendly accelerants on the market today that can support the composting process and ensure your compost is rich in essential nutrients.


Welcome 2024 With Sustainability

Embracing sustainability within our communities through recycling is essential for a healthier planet. Routinely incorporating compost into your garden not only nurtures your soil but also fosters a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. At Timber Creek Recycling, serving Nampa and Meridian, we're dedicated to promoting sustainability through innovative recycling solutions. Let us simplify your journey towards a greener tomorrow with our top-notch organic compost!

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